We intend to raise funds to provide free hot meals for the fasting Muslim students on campus. This is an important project, as it aids students in balancing their studies alongside Ramadan. This is especially important for students living away from home, or those who are international students.

A single meal only costs £7.80, and an entire iftar is £780. We only need £2000 to complete this project! We ask you to donate generously in aiding us in this effort. Any amount is greatly appreciated. 

Funds will go towards providing food, drinks, dates, water and more for the students on campus. 

Donate today and gain the reward of a fasting person this Ramadan! 

You can donate on the Students' Union page here, under the "Products" section: www.leicesterunion.com/opportunities/societies/findasociety/ulisoc/

You can also make a guest account and make your payment on the website above. If you have an issues with please contact us on one of our chats, via email (su-islamic@leicester.ac.uk) or DM us on Instagram (@ULISOC).

Please share with family and friends, so we can feed as many people as possible and all benefit from these good deeds inshAllah.

If you would like to donate food or other items, please get in touch with us, via email or Instagram @ULISOC.

Jazakallah khair!

If you have any questions, or would like to donate any items, feel free to message a Committee Member on one of our chats, contact us on Instagram (@ULISOC), or by emailing us (su-islamic@leicester.ac.uk).