Read below to find out what roles are available and how to apply for them!

The deadline to apply is Tuesday 31st January at 9AM

Do you want to make a difference, improve life on campus and earn endless rewards? Or have you ever wanted to develop and add to the way your ISOC functions? Now is your chance, by becoming a committee member!


Head Sister:

We are looking for a determined individual who has great interpersonal and communication skills, as well as able to motivate others.

Your role will be ensuring our fellow sisters on campus are well accommodated, welcoming new members, as well as increasing participation and engagement. Interacting with the members and helping out at socials is also key.

Brookfield Campus Officer:

As a new addition to the committee, for the first time ever, we will have an officer overseeing the Muslims who are on the Brookfield Campus! This role will require good organisational and independent working skills, as well as communication. To consider this role, you must be mainly based on the Brookfield Campus.

Your responsibilities include maintaining prayer facilities on the campus, as well as ensuring the needs of the Muslims on Brookfield are met. We also hope to increase engagement on the campus through this role.

This role will have the full support of the committee, as well as the Students' Union, as we both aim to increase our presence on the campus.


Follow the steps below to nominate yourself for a position:

  1. Ensure you have a ULISOC Membership. Visit the About Us page to find out how to get one.

  2. Nominate yourself by following the link:

  3. Once you Nominate yourself, prepare and submit your Manifesto (You can find advice on writing a Manifesto here)

  4. Voting opens on Tuesday 31st January at 12PM

  5. Wait for the results!


  • Endless rewards through Sadaqah Jariyah

  • Looks great on your CV

  • Have a say in how your ISOC functions

  • Meet people and make new friends!

  • Improve life for your fellow Muslims

If you have any questions, feel free to message a Committee Member on one of our chats, or contact us on Instagram (@ulisoc), or by emailing us